Saturday, 18 May 2013

Reclaiming Tax

I have recently managed to sort out my tax code and organise a tax rebate. This was far more difficult than it should have been, but now it is over. I am now asked, a lot, how I managed to persuade Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to part with their ill gotten gains. So in a bid to stop repeating myself, I have written a short tutorial on claiming your money back.

Step 1 - Tax Code

Are you on the correct tax code? Your tax code is listed on your payslip. For the majority of people (especially students) this is quite straight forward. If you do not claim benefits and don't have a company car your tax code should probably be "944L". This means that you have a tax free allowance of £9440. If it is ANYTHING else and do not claim benefits, I suggest you move to step 2. The most common incorrect tax code is "0L" commonly referred as 'emergency tax'. This means that you have a tax free allowance of £0. If this is the tax code you are on, the likelihood is, your tax has been messed up somewhere along the lines. This can happen if you change job or start working after a period of unemployment.

Step 2 - Changing your tax code

The quickest way to do this, is to ring HMRC. HMRC have two number you can contact them on for income tax. 0845 300 0627 <- this number is the one they want you to ring as it cost a fortune and they make money from you calling it, or you can call this number -> 0135 535 9022. This number is listed as the number you should call if you are outside the UK. This number is a geographical number so is charged at local rates and is free from most mobile phones (HMRC Contact us page).
You will need to pass a security check before the operator will discuss your tax. The information required is listed below. To save you and the operator time, make sure you have this information to hand before calling.
  • National Insurance Number 
  • Full Name (inc middle names) 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Address
  • Current employer 
Now that the operator is satisfied that you are who you say you are, let's get down to business. You first need to tell the operator that you think you are on the wrong tax code. Next they will require more information about your current employer;
  • Name of current employer 
  • The date you started 
  • Their PAYE reference 
  • Your employee number / payroll number 
Both the PAYE ref and your payroll number will be on your payslip. The operator will now probably put you on hold while they figure out what tax code you should be on and implement the change. If you have had any other employers in the previous tax year, they may require the same information listed above (with the addition of employment termination date), for each employer.

Step 3 - Reclaiming Overpaid Tax

Okay, now that you are on the correct tax code, you can organise a repayment. Tell the operator that you wish to 'organise a repayment of overpaid tax'. Providing you have not been self employed or for any reason been listed for self assessment the operator should have all the information they require. They can now process your repayment request. This can take up to two weeks, they will send you a calculation of how much they think they owe you, then followed by a cheque. If you have been self employed or listed for self assessment you need to discuss your options with the operator.

Step 4 - Congratulations!

Congratulations on claiming back your own money that the tax office should never have taken in the first place.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The difficult road to the Internet

I am currently in the process of moving in to a new flat. I have contacted my Internet Service Provider and am having them transfer my current connection to my new abode.
The phone line already exists in the new flat. All that needs to be done is the line reactivated and the internet contract changed to the new line.

Apparently it takes 12 days for the engineer to make it to the exchange to reactivate the line. How is this possible, there is nowhere on earth that takes 12 days to get to. The exchange must be encased in reinforced concrete, smothered in a thick layer of titanium and its location, unknown. Probably at the bottom of the black sea. Once the engineer locates and gains entry to the heavily fortified exchange, I can only Imagine that there is a ridiculous puzzle to solve to allow the reactivation of this line. Either that or the engineer has the IQ equal to that of a small sandwich, and it will take him 12 days to figure out which line to dribble on.

When either of these tasks are then completed, another 7 – 10 days must be endured before I can assess the golden vault of gigabytes. This is the time it takes for the internet to be activated on the phone line. This task should take no longer than 5 minutes if the command was to be typed manually, or a matter of seconds if the code was generated by a piece of software. Again, the only way I can justify this huge amount of time, is by assuming that this command must be carried character by character through a labyrinth, by a small rodent. Only to be reconstructed and typed in to a machine, which then catches fire.  

Monday, 8 August 2011

London Riots -- My Theory

All this damage is being caused by an uneducated, miss guided and undisciplined youth. Due to there upbringing they seem to think that acting out will get results. This is enhanced by the lack of consequence for their actions. The Criminal "Justice" System offers no punishment that is feared. In most cases, no action is taken against offenders, allowing thugs to roam free. Those lucky enough to be sentenced to prison are greeted with free higher education, dental care, eye care, accommodation and security. None of these courtesy are extended to the hard working, law abiding, tax paying general public.

In the dawn of a difficult economical existence I have a few suggestions / opinions.

  • Bring back capital punishment (to free prison space).
  • Make all (able) prisoners work.
  • Give parents back the right to "physical educate" their children.
  • Lower tuition fees and offer more incentive to education (rather than a large debt).

About this blog

The recent events in London have inspired me to create a blog expressing my disgust and outrage in the human race as a whole.
This blog will be updated with my random rants from time to time and at some point, it might even contain an intellectual incite or two.